Real estate photography and video service:

Real estate photography and video pricing (including aerial/drone) are based on licensing images/media for Multiple Listing Service and realtors self and business promotion usage only. They are not to be sold or transferred to another 3rd party:

Still photography:

First 10 images, $200, minimum billing.
11th image $15, all 11 total $215.
12th image $14, all 12 total $229.
13th image $13, all 13 total $242.
14th image $12, all 14 total $254.
15th image $11, all 15 total $269.
16th and more image $10, all 16 total $279.

$0.12/ft up to 2000 sf home main dwelling, one location. Minimum billing. $240
$0.11/ft from 2001 to 3000 sf.
$0.10/ft from 3001 to 4000 sf.
$0.09/ft from 4001 to 5000 sf.
$0.08/ft from 5001 sf and up.

Plus tax, location in North Snohomish county, South Pierce county might have a small travel fee. Combined photography and video, 10% discount.

Turnaround time (subject to our schedule availability and your image selection time frame) for photography is 24-48 hours, video around 72 hours.

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