I have kept this photo up for the longest time. Reason is several years ago, I was booked a wedding for a young couple. But the groom-to-be was suddenly deployed to Iraq. So the wedding was postponed until the following year. Then later when I contacted the bride-to-be regarding the wedding day detail. A returned call by the bride's mom told me the worst news had happened. Shocked and surprised, I always thought this could only happen on TV news. It would never be someone you know and have contacts with. Then months later, I got another phone call. but it was from the groom's mom. She told me she had seen that photo on my website while they were shopping for a photographer. Her son was dead set on hiring me just because of that photo. So she asked me if I could leave that photo up in memory of her son, and also the husband he never got a chance to become. I said yes with no hesitation and told her I am privileged to be able to honor a real life hero.

©2010 Chuckarelei

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