Special children photography by Chuckarelei

These surreal, painted like, rendered images are created by our proprietary photographic technique "Small Faces". These unique, beautiful children images, much like those animated characters seen in children's movies such as Shrek, Bee Movie, or Toy Story. These not only make a perfect decor of your home, they also make wonderful gifts for your families. Or simply just to show off to your friends what a beautiful child you have.
"Small Faces" sitting fee


Sitting includes a 30 minutes photo session of one child, 3 clothing changes, up to 50 e-proofs posted online for 3 months minimum. And of course, images that you treasure forever and a wonderful time for your child.
Sitting fee is to be paid before any work begins. Sitting fee is not refundable regardless of circumstances or results such as child unwilling to proceed/cooperate, or outcome of the photos. "Small Faces" photography is head & shoulders shots with simple to plain background. A child must be able to sit, stand, walk on his/her own and be able to communicate and understand simple directions without parents' presence. We occasionally do ask parents to help in easing up the child, but we normally ask parents to wait in the waiting room.

Although our "Small Faces" technique is a break through in photographic technology, there are still limitations on many aspects of creating these images. We ask parents to be open to suggestion on hair, style and color of clothing, and in general.

Prices effective 01/01/20 subject to change without notice.

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