Chuckarelei Experimental/Project Photography-

A free photography service for the new creative and aspiring talents. From concept to reality, let our creative minds explore. Imagination has no limit. If you can visualize it, then you better believe it.
What is Experimental Project Photography? I decided several years ago it's time to get that creative bone going again and help the new comers at the same time. I want to assist the talented, creative, aspiring, motivated people, offering them free creative photography service for their projects. My part is to create the high impact images the best I can, not only it can help the new comers to get started, it also allows me to explore all the creativity in the world.

If you have a project, whether it is a press release photo, a promotional photo, an actor/model, a campaign, a shot for the web, a product shot for your new invention or service. Contact me, the only thing that I ask is that you must already have some form of idea for the shot, and I will work with you to get the most out of your idea. Giving us the best image we both can be excited and proud of. So, call or email me at (USE ONLY THIS EMAIL FOR THIS PURPOSE, DO NOT USE THE OTHER EMAIL FROM OTHER PAGES OR IT WILL BE IGNORED). Tell me what you have, or send me a sketch or a simple snap shot. I can't promise I can help everyone, but I will reply to everyone.
Now the bottomline, terms and conditions; Exclusive rights of all photos, images, digital files are properties of Chuckarelei and Chuckarelei Studio. You maintain the usage rights of the photos/ images for your purposes except reselling for profit or nonprofit. All personels, models, objects and materials appear in photos/images must complete model release with photo ID verification.

Chuckarelei Studio tel: 206-767-9833

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One final note; The purpose of Experimental Project Photography is not for someone just get a free headshot or a free portfolio. Or businesses just want to skim out on photography expense. If you are a model or actor, do not tell me you just want some different looks or expand your portfolio. Please come up with a unique idea or concept. I will be more than happy to work with you. Just no freebie or taking advantage of me. THIS IS NOT A FREE PORTFOLIO SERVICE. Thank you and looking forward to hear from you about those innovative ideas.